Cleaning Equipment

Automatic Washing Machine, Laser Cleaner, Spray Cleaner, Steam Cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Brush Cleaner, Container Cleaner, Ultra-High Pressure Cleaner, High-Pressure Cleaner, Tray Cleaner, Dry Ice Cleaner, Tunnel Cleaner, Turnbasket Cleaner, Immersion Cleaner, Supercritical Cleaner, Wet Blaster, Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Cleaning System
  • Cleaning System
  • Cleaning Agent
  • Accessories & Supplies
  • Pumps & Compressors
  • Drying, Aegaussing & Anti-Static
  • Rust Removal & Anti-Corrosion
  • Filtration, Aeparation & Purification Technology
  • Detection, Testing & Analysis
  • Cleanroom
  • Protection & Recycling
  • Service
  • Professional Media, Associations & Scientific Research Institutions

Exhibition Highlights

  • 01 Professional Exhibition Platform

    As the core process of modern manufacturing process, industrial cleaning is a highly specialized subdivision. With the continuous improvement of the market's requirements for the precision of modern manufacturing process, the requirements for industrial cleaning become stricter. ICLEAN Organizing Committee aims to build a professional exhibition platform for professionals in Industry Sector. We strive to strengthen industry communication and accelerate the development of the industry.
  • 02 Fast Growing Market

    Industrial cleaning process has played an active role in China for around 20 years. 20 years is not very long but the industrial cleaning process already solved many practical problems in production process and made great progress. Nowadays, the market is changing very fast, and the demand for industrial cleaning has been upgraded from simple labor to a stage where professional technical support is required. ICLEAN becomes a bridge among global industrial parts companies, worldwide surface cleaning companies and Chinese companies.
  • 03 The Stage for Decision Makers

    ICLEAN Organizing Committee selects global professional visitors with the aid of online and offline interactive methods. Professional visitors from R&D, Procurement and Corporate Leadership Team come and visit ICLEAN. ICLEAN not only provides a great opportunity for exhibitors to display their new products, latest technologies, services and solutions to professionals but also builds a face-to-face communication channel for exhibitors and professional visitors.
  • 04 Cover the Entire Industry Chain

    ICLEAN covers products, services, technologies and solutions from the entire industry chain in the field of industrial parts and surface cleaning. Whether you are a product, service, technology or solution provider or an application company, you can participate in ICLEAN as a professional visitor. ICLEAN provides you with an one-stop communication platform, where you can focus on selecting the most suitable products, services, technologies and solutions.


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