ICLEAN EXPO 2021 Starts to Invite Exhibitors and Visitors!

Time: 2021-03-10 Review: 1800

ICLEAN EXPO 2021, a global professional exhibition in the field of industrial cleaning, is scheduled to take place at Shanghai New International Expo Center on December 5-7, 2021. The highly-anticipated event is kicking off its invitation work, warmly welcoming potential exhibitors and visitors.



Global Demand for Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is an essential part in industrial production. After more than 40 years of rapid development, reform and opening-up, China's industrial structure is undergoing transformation from a quantity-oriented era to a quality-oriented era. Industrial cleaning technologies are becoming increasingly accessible and diversified in the global manufacturing market. Modern industrial cleaning technologies have been widely applied in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, light industry, transportation, aerospace industries and other fields of national economy.

In response to economic globalization and modern technological revolutions, organizations and countries around the world have developed plans for industrial manufacturing, such as the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, Germany's Industry 4.0, Made in China 2025 and the Belt and Road Initiative, which set higher standards for environmental protection, sustainability and recycling economy. The emerging intelligent manufacturing sector has a strong demand for cleaning, so industrial cleaning supplies are expected to maintain high growth in the Chinese market, promising new prospects for China's cleaning industry. The Chinese government attaches more importance to environmental protection and is committed to improving air quality, which provides the enterprises focusing on the production, research and development of environment-friendly cleaning agents with opportunities for development.

Intelligent manufacturing equipment such as industrial robots, CNC machine tools, intelligent control systems, automatic instruments and 3D printing equipment are highly dependent on the development of high-end, precision, lightweight and miniature, and integrated manufacturing technologies. Precision and ultra-precision industrial cleaning have become the core procedures in manufacturing processes, and the requirements for cleaning of mechanical parts, electronic parts and optical parts in modern manufacturing industry are increasingly stringent.


The Only Professional Industrial Cleaning Exhibition in Asia Provides a Precise Platform for Connecting Buyers and Suppliers

As the only professional industrial cleaning exhibition in Asia, ICLEAN provides a precise and professional platform that connects buyers and suppliers of industrial parts cleaning and surface cleaning products. ICLEAN provides trade, display, exchange and learning opportunities for the industrial cleaning industry through exhibitions and professional technology forums, and shows new technologies, equipment, products, processes and materials in the industrial parts cleaning and surface cleaning sector in China and abroad, and promotes innovations in technology, service, environmental protection and international cooperation within the sector. ICLEAN has an accurate understanding of the real needs and developing trends of the industrial cleaning industry, thus it can lead the industry's future development trends.



The Exhibition Will Highlight the Latest Industrial Cleaning Technologies, Equipment and Applications Mainly for the Chinese Market

ICLEAN will focus on addressing the challenges in the field of industrial cleaning mainly for the Chinese market. ICLEAN will connect upstream and downstream enterprises on the entire industry chain and focus on expanding the application scope of technologies, products, services and solutions for industrial parts and surface cleaning, including cleaning equipment, cleaning systems, cleaning agents, accessories and consumables, pumps and compressors, drying demagnetization and anti-static, rust removal and anticorrosion, filtration and separation and purification technologies, testing and analysis, cleaning rooms, protection and recycling, and services, as well as professional media outlets, associations and research institutions.


The participants Cover the Entire Industry Chain of Industrial Cleaning

ICLEAN's exhibitors covers the entire industry chain, including product, service, technology and solution providers in the field of industrial parts and surface cleaning. Scientific research institutions, manufacturers, service companies and application promoting companies all can attend ICLEAN as professional visitors. ICLEAN's professional visitors come from industries and fields such as automotive, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, metal processing, plastic processing, precision instruments, medical, mold, tooling, metallurgy, electronics, electrical, optics, jewelry, food industry, petrochemical, and heritage restoration, protection and other industries and fields.


"TOP Buyer Program" Builds a Platform for Accurate and Efficient Communication between Exhibitors and Buyers

In order to meet the strong demand for deburring & surface finishing, ICLEAN has launched the "TOP Buyer Program" to connect the senior executives or professionals from production, application and sales enterprises of industrial cleaning products with clear purchase intention or procurement plans with experts in the industry, leading enterprises and interested exhibitors for one-on-one business meetings at the show. The "TOP Buyer Program" builds a platform for precise and efficient communication between exhibitors and buyers, through which you can communicate with your favorite exhibitors face-to-face at the first time, and enjoy various high-end services for special buyers and get the latest development information in the field of deburring and surface finishing. It is the best choice for quickly selecting products, meeting new partners, developing new markets and promoting enterprises and brand image.


Online Exhibition Offers a Convenient Communication and Cooperation Platform for Exhibitors and Visitors Worldwide

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, ICLEAN will also operate the entire show in a digital way, providing exhibitors and visitors from all over the world with a variety of digital marketing services such as precise matching based on big data, online remote negotiation, live streaming channels and online exhibition hall. Digital technologies can make it easier and more efficient to connect visitors and exhibitors, thus making ICLEAN's precise matching services more efficient throughout the event.

Focusing on industrial parts and surface cleaning and relying on the huge industrial chain and the resources of the world's largest potential market, ICLEAN is committed to promoting the integration of resource advantages in the industrial parts and surface cleaning industry to enhance brand value, build an international service platform and strengthen international competitiveness, according to the current situation of the industrial cleaning industry and market demands and in compliance with China's reform on the supply side.

We believe that ICLEAN will certainly make key contributions to China's industry transformation, upgrading and sustainable development, and lead the industrial cleaning industry to a new historical stage.

For online registration, please visit the ICLEAN website: http://www.icleanexpo.com/